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A minha enfermeira parteira

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About US

This project arises to respond to the need for every woman, couple and family to be able to live the pregnancy, childbirth and parenting in the way most suited to their needs. 

With basic courses that can be adapted to the needs and desires of each couple, in the comfort of your home, in the schedules that really can and at your pace, or in groups at the weekend. 

With the guarantee of continuous support through e-mail or mobile phone even after the baby is born. And of course with our free videos on youtube by searching "aminhaenfermeiraparteira". It was conceived by a nurse specialist in maternal health and obstetrics (midwife nurse), with more than 10 years of experience with pregnant women, parturients, mothers, babies and families.


About me

I have always a huge desire to help the other to reach all their potential and as such, over the years I have been doing various formations so that I can contribute more broadly so that all who pass me feel that they can develop a little more its potential.

The help me help you I have done lots of formation and this are some of them:

  • Mestrado em ESMO - tese "A influência da preparação para o parto e da visita à maternidade na antecipação do parto pela grávida nulipara"
  • Formação em hipnose clinica
  • Formação em hypnobirthing KG em Londres
  • Formação de Instrutora de Yoga pela Art of Living
  • Formação como Instrutora de Yoga para grávidas, bebés e pós parto pela Yoga Family
  • Formação de Massagem Infantil pela APMI
  • Formação de reflexologia na gravidez e parto reconhecida pela APEO
  • Formação em Medicina Tradicional Chinesa Aplicada à estetica pela Chinarte
  • Formação em SBV, PHTLS e primeiros socorros
  • Formação em Florais de Minas Gerais
  • Formação em Reiki sistema Usui
  • Formação de Psicologia Positiva com a Dra. Sofia Bauer
  • Certificação de CCP (ex-CAP)
  • Curso de plantas aromáticas, oleos essenciais e aromoterapia por internet, da SPFito e reconhecido pela Ordem dos Farmaceuticos
  • Parto Ativo - workshop com Janet Balaska



Story behind the project

I have always considered that we can go further, break down barriers and change the world, the way I chose to change the world is this: one woman, couple, family at a time, because I know that a baby in a safe and confident family will be more likely to grow in a happy way and guarantee a happier world for everyone!



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