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Videos hipnoparto gratuitos
Yes, hypnobirthing has lots of techniques but now you have for free the audios in YOUTUBE (there are in portuguese) chanel  "aminhaenfermeiraparteira"
Antenatal Classes at home
This classes are done in the confort of your home, after work hours, all programed according to your needs.  
Hypnobirthing worshop
For thoses that don't want to do antenatal classes but want to use hypnobirthing this is your workshop. Following the KG Hypnobirthing methodology this workshop will help you and your family to have a better birth experience.
Yoga in pregnancy
If you are pregnant and want to do yoga classes in the confort of your home, our make a group with the others pregnant women youknow and make a group class. We can start the classes at 16 weeks and keep theme untill the baby is born.
Baby care support
If by any reason you need someone to help with baby care we can help you just contact us in advance saying what you will need and we will give you our best support.  
Yoga for mamies and babies
Yoga for mamies and babies allows for mamy to do some focus, breathing and body excercise and at same time interact with the baby. You can do it in the confort of your home or join a group of mamies and babies and have a group class
Yoga for pregnant couples
What better way to connect with our partner and baby at same time than an Yoga class? In the confort of your home or just grab a group of friends and have a group class